Stockamp & Associates?

I have an upcoming interview with Stockamp, which is the healthcare arm of Huron Consulting. Does anyone have any insight as to what the work is like and what the quality of co-workers is like? I know it is a small firm, but hopefully someone has some experience.


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Oct 27, 2008

I got through their campus interview rounds earlier this month. My advice is to go to their info session, if they have one on campus, as they give you a solid overview.

Basically, 100% travel, they have no real office, so you just fly out directly to the client site every monday morning. Between projects you work from home. The people there seemed intelligent, but I've not had too many consulting interviews (mostly finance) so I don't have much basis for comparison.

Also, you won't really be doing strategy there, so don't tell them you want to do strategy. It's more about improving operations within hospitals, i think the majority of their business is a revenue cycle solution that looks at ways to decrease the time between providing treatment and collecting cash.

If you go to the info sess. you'll be fine.

Dec 3, 2008