Stop bitching, JOIN THE BATTLE!

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Stuck in a cubicle all day? Think your bank got shafted by Vault? Didn't get an offer?

It's time to settle your grievances on the field of battle by joining Wall Street Oasis first official [/embed] Battle of the Bulges!

What is the Battle of the Bulges? A 'locally social online' game hosted by GoCrossStudios. Your team must band together to elect leaders, coordinate movements, and ultimately crush your enemies - the other Bulge Bracket Banks. The more people you recruit to join your Bank, the better your chances of conquering New York City. This is the perfect opportunity to build networks across your firm or for you interns to keep touch with all those people you met this summer.

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Battle of the Bulges: Punish Your Enemies!

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Aug 11, 2008