Stories of People Breaking Into VC From AM or ER?

Stories of People Breaking Into VC From AM or ER?

I know that these are two seperate career paths. But many (not all) of the junior research skills are similar. I also understand that this is a less-conventional route, which is why I'm asking about it. 

Feel free to share any and all stories, advice, anecdotes, etc. 

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Jun 2, 2021 - 8:18pm

Broke into Consumer GE/VC from FIG ER. I've written about this path in the past a few times which you should be able to find somehow. In general, this switch is possible but pretty damn hard, especially if the sector you cover has no overlap with technology or innovation. I took a network-heavy approach where I connected VC's with potential deals and news I'm aware of in their ecosystem with the hopes that I'm one of the first to know about openings in their network. 

Headhunters are pretty useless and LinkedIn posts are a black hole IMO. VC will take a wide range of backgrounds but when you speak to enough Associates, you realize many of them were just in the right place at the right time so the key is to create an environment for yourself where your odds are high (VC's know you, they know you do good & relevant work, & you're first to mind on an opening) 

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