Structured Finance - Advice for moving to US

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Hello everyone, I'm trying to figure out what would be the ideal way of transitioning from a European country to US by next summer, once I hopefully become a CFA charter holder. I have 6 yrs of internal audit and 2 yrs of structured finance experience (providing wholesale funding for the bank through note issuances and loans including structured ones) in a large commercial bank here. Although I enjoy my current field very much, it's somewhat limited hence am happy to consider other areas in financial services (except audit ?) or finance departments of corporates. Questions are what do you think my chances are of finding a decent job in a decent firm (doesn't have to be a top IB/PE), for which kind of jobs I would have the most chance, would an MBA help me with my move (I'm considering Kellogg since it's 1 year only, knowing that there are better schools in finance)? Btw, I'm a green card holder. Thank you for the feedbacks!