Struggling to get an internship

The majority of my friends already have accepted internship offers. I have had a handful of in person interviews as well as some phone interviews but I haven't had any offers. Given that it is already January I am starting to get concerned that I won't be able to get an internship for the summer. I have mostly been looking at Commercial Banking internships but I have applied to positions in every area of finance. Any suggestions for things I could do or places to look?

My background:
* Current Junior at a top state school in the Big Ten majoring in Finance. I've heard some people say it is a semi target and some say its a non target.
* 3.3 Cumulative GPA, 3.75 Major GPA
* Multiple semesters of involvement in finance club on campus and on the executive board for the upcoming semester

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Jan 4, 2019

Look into F500 jobs, ideally in the FP&A or finance department. Small PE funds, real estate if that's interesting to you.

BB jobs (commercial banking) and the smaller boutique-type IB that compete with them are all on a summer and fall recruiting timeline. Look for sectors or companies that don't traditionally recruit that early. Start reaching out to alumni who work at these type of places and see if their firms have any recruiting they can loop you into

Jan 4, 2019