Struggling to Network with Non-Alums (SA 2021)

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Hi everyone, I am currently a second semester sophomore recruiting for IB at a non-target (not a public school non-target, but also ranking in top 50 for undergrad business schools). I am a bit confused; I have been reaching out incessantly to people and I have gotten little relative to what I'm putting out, I have maxed out my school's network for IB (practically speaking, the few VPs and up we have are relatively inaccessible and this is a bad time to contact them anyway). I have friends who tell me they've had good luck with non-alums with less emails being sent and I have even tailored my emails to be individualistic (including certain details and tidbits about their personas, at least from what I can gather on LinkedIn). Any tips would help, but I seriously feel hopeless, just submitted my Lazard app and a few other MMs and EBs, but things feel a bit gloomy for me right now. Not giving up nor standing down, but was just wondering how I could approach this from a different angle because the pressure that enters every day that goes by without a call feels like all my internship work and studying to maintain my GPA high has gone to waste because I'm not networking well enough. Any advice would help, this website has helped me a lot so far. Thank you in advance guys.

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Apr 3, 2020