Stuck scoring in the 50's (Series 7) Advice?

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Hello all,
I've been studying for the past 2-3 months (1-2 months going through the book & the 3rd month doing final exams) I've been using STC Interactive and am currently stuck scoring in the high 50's, I have just enrolled in Kaplan's 4-day Course hoping to get my scores up. I've even considered scheduling a tutor to help me get my grades into the 80's even though they are a bit pricey. I have about 4 weeks to get into passing shape because unfortunately I only have one shot at this. Any tips or recommendations?

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Aug 28, 2018

Hey Z23, I'm the WSO Monkey any of these help:

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  • How to Pass the Series 7 Exam score in the 80% + you will ACE the Series 7. With my schedule there was no way to do all 3000 problems ... stakes were very high- pass the Series 7 exam on the first attempt or lose my new wall street job in nyc. ... I did. How to Ace the Series 7 Exam Use the STC Study Guides for th
  • Series 7 STC Final Exam Q&A Scores Vs. Exam Results taking the Series 66 in a few weeks and will post here when I take it to show the results. Series ... and would have liked to see before the Series 7 exam. Hopefully it helps someone who is getting ready ... bonus once completing the Series 7 and 66, so that's why I chose to do it on my own time. I was ...
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  • Series 7- STC Scores Vs Actual One Hello, I am working on my Series 7. I did some of the 130 Questions Exams (12 are available in ... 130q ones). What were you score on the preliminary exams? I don't really feel that the big exams ... reflect your level because you already saw all the questions. Thanks! WSO Series 7 Prep Course Here ...
  • How Hard is the Series 63 License Exam? Associate" wrote: Knopman online practice questions. Keep practicing until you are scoring in the high ... The WSO Series 7 is the only thing you need to study for and pass the FINRA Series 7. Our content is ... Is Knopman the best prep for this as well or is STC better? What is the Series
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Aug 30, 2018