Studying CFA L3 while in investment banking?

Has anyone went through this and can share their experiences? I'm somewhat keen in starting and studying for CFA L3 because I don't start my analyst stint in IB till a couple months, but not sure if it would actually be too feasible to study effectively once work starts

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  • Analyst 1 in IB - Gen
Jun 6, 2021 - 1:35am

Ive done L1 and L2, just thinking if i should try L3 while having a few months off before starting work

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Jun 6, 2021 - 2:29pm

The issue you will have here will be time management.  I would focus on your analyst stint first before embarking on adding study time for the CFA L3.  It takes a huge time commitment.  Start slowly, adding one hour until you get a theme going.  However, I feel your time will be better off relaxing with a mixture time to study when you feel comfortable.  Good luck and congrats on the analyst role.

No pain no game.

Jun 6, 2021 - 4:59pm

It seems unreasonable to be in IB and studying for the CFA Level 3 exam. I'm not sure how it would help your IB career and as you know it will take something like 300 hours of time you don't have. Some days it might come down to studying or sleeping and if you half ass your studying, you'll fail it and all that time you sacrificed during IB will be wasted. Does anyone even care at your IB shop that you're studying for the CFA exams?

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  • Analyst 1 in IB - Gen
Jun 6, 2021 - 9:31pm

Couple AN/ASOs taking it, MD is pretty supportive/pushing for team to get CFA if they can/want but by no means is it necessary.  Tbh its more of a personal goal I've always had more than anything, didn't really take it with the expectation fo what I might get out of it - kinda dumb but it is what it is haha

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