Succesfully networked on Linkedin, agreed on a call/chat, then no more responses. What am I doing wrong?

Hi all,


So I have been networking with analysts and associates on LinkedIn recently for latteral opportunities. I connect with people from the specific group and send them an introductory message saying who I am, that I am interested in the lateral position (which is just placed on the career page) and if they have 10-15min for a call. Around 75% of the people I connected with replied and agreed to have a call or chat, typically the conversation goes like this:


Me: "Introductory message asking them if they have 10-15min for a call with any advice on how I can best position myself for the position"

Them: "Hi, thanks for the message. Happy to have a chat tomorrow" / "Hi, happy to have a chat this Thursday, let's try 6 pm"

Me: "Great, what time suits you? I can be flexible and adjust to your schedule"

Them: "no more reply"


Then I usually follow up if any other day in the week works or so, but again no reply. Am I doing something wrong? I find it odd that they initially agree on a call, but when I ask them what time works for them, I get no more replies. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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  • Prospect in PE - LBOs
Feb 21, 2021 - 5:38pm

Just to eleborate on that. In many cases they don't provide a time. In that one case a person suggest a time ''Let's try 6 pm?", I of course agreed on the time. But I then did not get any reply and when I asked if 6 pm was still on, no reply as well.

  • Associate 2 in PE - Other
Feb 22, 2021 - 9:17am

You need to be more straightforward with getting their contact information. Not everyone wants to have a conversation on LinkedIn or even checks their profile that often. You should be converting the conversation to their e-mail or phone no later than the second message you send to them. Instead of saying "great, 6pm works" you say "great, 6pm works. What is your preferred method of contact?" or something like that. Also, never, ever ask someone what time works without suggesting times. You are the one driving the conversation and you are the one with the ask. The correct way to frame your response is "does 10am or 12pm on Date work for me to give you a brief call? If not, I'm happy to accommodate your schedule". Again, you're trying to maximize efficiency and wrap up the conversation quickly...not go back and forth a million time. Annoying. You have to remember that these professionals are busy, and at most are willing to glance at their calendar to spot check your times. Or, what would be worse, suggest a time only for YOU to say it doesn't work. By offering up a time first, you're signaling the schedule works on your end and just need their confirmation. I have personally responded to networking e-mails and then dropped them because the candidate did not know how to properly schedule a call. 

It's like getting someone's number on Tinder. You should be trying to close the deal (in this case, setting up a call) as soon as possible, not meandering on the app. 

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