I have 3.86/4 GPA and I have 2 1/2 years work experience. I will take my GMAT some time April 2007. I keep on worrying am I get enough GMAT score? Will I get admission if I score less?.
Can anyone suggest me what will be the good GMAT score to aget admission at McGill or any top canadian univ.
I forgot to mention I am planning to do Part-Time MBA.

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With a 3.9 and 2.5 yrs work, you could probably score anywhere above a 580 and get in.


Thanks for your reply. McGill univ stats saying avg work experience is 5 yr and gmat score is 650. Any comment on it. I know these figures might change for part time. but I am not sure how much..


the average for top tier schools is usually around 650, but you have to look at enrollment (ie how many part time vs full time, and is this an increasing number). B School is a business after all and they need to fill as many seats as they have capacity for. 580-600 is usually a bit of a grey zone for enrollment, but with your GPA you should be fine. And as far as your work experience goes.. tweak it a bit to make it stand out more... you'll be fine


Yeah, if you have a 3.86, i'd say 650 is doable.

also, 650's the mean. I think with your gpa, and some work experience, a 620 may get you in.

I dunno. I don't go to B-school, just relaying what i've heard.


Just get over 600 and don't botch up the essays.

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The big question would be what was the role you were in for the 2.5 yrs, and why McGill? With your GPA you should be able to score very well on your GMAT. I would suggest getting another yr of experience and going for a top b-school.

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