suggestion/tip for student: which departments fit me?

Hi there!
I hope you guys will give me a tip at which job profiles I should take a look:
I've been studying business administration for 1 year now. Next year, I will take a 6 month internship as it is obligatory with our university. However, I'm not quite sure which field I should apply for.

I know that I want to work in the banking sector. I've been looking at profiles from global banking & global markets which seemed to interest me. But I did not really get any further.

I really want to use my diverse and profound language skills and my cross-cultural competence I built up: I know German, Italian, English, French very well. I've been in those countries a lot. And I've always been intrigued with cultural differences.
What are the kinds of job profiles where one works with foreign partners, where one has to travel and visit them. I really tend to a job not so much as risk management where one stays at the office all the time and constantly has to check balance sheets...

It would be great if you guys just posted some profiles I could take a look at! Thanks a lot! Appreciate it a lot!

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