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Have no experience with formal clothing (used to blue collar type of lifestyle) and given Zoom interviewing I never got around to getting a full rack of suits. I acknowledge that this question is a bit elementary but need some guidance. What are acceptable colors to use in the office (i.e is black and white allowed?)? I plan to visit a tailor soon but just wanted to get some context over what's accepted in the office. 

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Jan 3, 2022 - 1:42pm

A general rule of thumb is that you wear less flashy colors like navy or charcoal in the office. Don't go crazy with the shirt either. Just wear a nice clean white or blue shirt. Hope this helped and good luck in your new role!

Jan 3, 2022 - 2:48pm

This. For my personal wardrobe, I have multiple suits, but a majority of them are different shades of navy. I know, real creative and out of the box wears :).

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Jan 6, 2022 - 2:35am

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