Summer '19 Internship

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What management consulting firms are still recruiting? I know it is late, but I have not given up. All help is appreciated.

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Jan 9, 2019

I don't know of any major firms still recruiting.

That said,

  • Check your career fair/career services websites for postings specific to your school.
  • Identify local/regional firms. They likely do not have as established/rigid pipelines, and you may have a great experience working with less bureaucracy and actually make an impact quickly. Also probably easier to network with decision-makers.
  • Don't just look at internships in consulting. Consulting FT recruiting doesn't expect you to have prior consulting internships. Look for anything where you can handle projects/make an impact/do meaningful analysis. This forum has a bias toward top internships that you truthfully don't need to get a great job (though it's extremely helpful).
Jan 9, 2019

I also don't think any major management consulting firms are still recruiting for internships. I may be wrong, but check with career services at your school or LinkedIn for relevant openings.

Some positions worth considering that would set you up nicely for next year's recruiting cycle are F500 strategy internships, economic or business development at a government or local institute, or even research that shows your analytical and critical thinking ability. Good luck!

Jan 10, 2019