Summer 2019 Internships Recruiting Opportunities in Winter and Spring

I have been recruiting for companies in financial services and/or technology (dual major degree in Economics and Computer Science and have had internship opportunities in a range of financial services sectors). I received a few super days but I have not landed an internship yet. I am still applying to applications that are open, so could someone give me the names of the firms that will open their applications for summer 2019 internships in the near future (winter and spring)?
I want to specifically aim those companies and start vigorously networking.
I am aiming for AM, management consulting, commercial banking, fintech and tech (SWE, front-end).

Thank you for all your help, really appreciate them all!

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Nov 21, 2018

Where are you located - NAM, EMEA, APAC?

Nov 21, 2018


Nov 25, 2018

Luckily a lot of the sectors you have mentioned (AM, management consulting, commercial banking, etc.) are just starting their recruitment cycle. You might have missed the boat on the MBBs, however there are definitely smaller shops still accepting applications.

Not too familiar with the fintech/ tech cycles, but I know some of the big ones such as Google recruit on a rolling basis year-round. Nevertheless would get my apps in ASAP.

Nov 28, 2018