Summer Analyst Housing: Should I share apartment with a full time analyst?

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I am coming at a BB for Summer Analyst 2016. Right now I found a housing but around 5 people live in 3 bedroom apartment. One Analyst who works at BB in one of the room and I'll be sharing my room with another person.

Is it a good opportunity to share the apartment with this analyst? Could I make most out of it by using his connections?

The problem I have is this apartment is expensive and i'll be sharing my room though it is closeby (20 min). I am getting a single room but with 40 min commute for little more.

What would you choose?

It is New York location. I am sorry if this should be in off topic forum however my question is more on Will you share an apartment with an analyst side

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Apr 5, 2016

please help.

edit: added location details.

Apr 5, 2016

Please tell me this apartment is in Soho and one guy is offering to pay more for the room by himself:
I see nothing wrong with people randomly sharing an apartment together (even if it's the same BB which isn't really clear) but don't try to "use his connections". Realistically, an analyst doesn't have a ton anyways unless they pass along your resume at a later date for a referral bonus. If he offers to help, great, but it should be entirely his choice.

No sense in paying more for a further commute. Don't be a shitty roommate, enjoy the summer, and don't worry about living with an analyst.

Apr 5, 2016