Summer Housing NYC?

Hi all, I'm an incoming 2020 SA in NYC. I know it's early but I just wanted to get a head start on thinking about housing as I am looking for something affordable, walking proximity to the office, and preferably single room, but I have heard a double is much cheaper and easier found.

I'm looking for something in downtown. Perhaps it is just far too early, but I wasn't sure when this housing process begins (outside of NYU) and just want to be able to take advantage of any benefits that could come from searching early. From what I've looked at, NYU only offers one dorming option that is within walking distance to my office, so I don't want to put all my chips there as I've heard it's not guaranteed to get the option you choose?Also NYU apps don't open for another 8 months. From many threads on here it seems people either recommend NYU or strongly recommend against housing there? What are some other good resources for searching (outside of craigslist) or places to look at for downtown? Thank you

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Jul 12, 2019


Jul 14, 2019