Summer Internship: EYP vs Clearview

I have received the offer from EYP Summer Associate (Generalist) and in the recruiting process for Clearview Healthcare Partners, and would want to decide which one is a better choice for summer internship. I'm doing a healthcare-related major and quite interested in consulting projects for pharma/biotech, that's why I'm applying for Clearview and would probably be a good fit. However, I'm considering reapplying to MBB (got rejected by all this year) for full time next year, so I'm a bit concerned if internship at firms like Clearview will set limit on myself when I apply for a generalist position for firms like MBB. As for EYP, I've heard of good things about the internship experience from my friends, but I also heard the staffing model is a bit random. I feel like generally it's a good choice in terms of brand name, culture and comp etc.

Any thoughts and opinions will be very appreciated :)

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  • Associate 3 in Consulting
Oct 21, 2021 - 12:14pm

EY-P and it isn't close. Significantly better brand strength & comp, both of which matter this early in your career

Most Helpful
Oct 21, 2021 - 12:36pm

Agree with above. Was in a similar position, interviewed for MBB internships and came close but didn't get one. Interned at a healthcare/biopharma specific firm like Clearview and just finished the FT recruiting process and am joining one of the MBBs next year. I don't think choosing one versus the other will hurt your odds for re-recruiting, and if you are 1000000% dead set on working in healthcare consulting AND working in the industry after consulting, I would go with clearview. It's well-respected within the space, but your work and exit opps are confined to healthcare/biopharma, I've also heard some not great things about the culture but there are threads on WSO about that.

With that being said, I would choose EY-P. Great firm, seems like there is a really great culture from the conversations I had with people at the firm, really good brand name and your exits will be much more diversified/higher level. It sounds like youre interested in re-recruiting, but if you aren't able to secure MBB I think EY-P is a clear favorite above clearview so long as you aren't completely decided on working in Pharma for your career. Does a better job of setting you up for success IMO, and if you end up not liking healthcare you still have a ton of options

  • Intern in Consulting
Oct 21, 2021 - 5:58pm

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