Superday at Oil Supermajor: What to expect?

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Hi everyone,

I have an interview coming up with an oil Supermajor (Chevron, Shell, BP etc) soon and I would just like to ask a few questions regarding that.

What should I be expecting overall for this interview? Would it be more fit oriented or would it be more technical in nature?
Should I be brushing up on my knowledge on financial modelling etc?
How are these Superdays structured?

This is for an SA role.
Any additional information would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

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Jan 8, 2019

One of my best friends from school interviewed with a Supermajor last spring for a trader role in London. The first half of his day was technical; technicals, financial engineering questions and brain teasers. It also included an hour of personal questions that were from a personality test he had taken.

The second half was a "trading game" that they had played at an information session prior to the interviews. You all sit in a room together and get pieces of news in a "Bloomberg-like" program that you must then put together in order to take positions in the energy market. Not sure how many others use this game, but it is quite common in the UK.

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Jan 8, 2019