swing trading futures: 12% return max 3% drawdown...1 month...how many months until a platform fund would be interested?

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as the title says...i've been swing trading futures after a long time away: 12% return max 3% drawdown...1 month (thats a 2.7 sharpe)...how many months until a platform fund would be interested?

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Jan 17, 2020

Typically top swing trading hedge funds would like to see at least 8 weeks of performance but it seems you have really got the swing of things so I'd say in your case you're probably looking at 6 weeks max to start fielding offers. Keep it up!!

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Jan 17, 2020

you can't be serious...i'm assuming something like 6 months minimum...even i wouldn't trust just 8 weeks. who would possibly be interested?

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Jan 17, 2020

Admittedly I'm not that familiar specifically with swing trading HFs but that still seems very short to me. On the scale of a HF's monthly track record that's only 2 data points, surely that's way too short to be able to infer anything from?

Jan 17, 2020

also...assuming i can keep up this performance...which funds should i reach out to?
this isn't a relative value strategy...so i'm not sure who hires traders/PMs for this kind of strategy?

Jan 26, 2020

At a 12% monthly return just keep trading until you have all the money. Why would you bother with a fund?

Jan 27, 2020

I can help you setup a CTA or CPO and market your own bootstrapped fund to investors, provided you meet the eligibility.

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Jan 28, 2020