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I am in valuation advisory at a big 4 and my team does not promote after 2 years (especially when u came from undergrad) so I'm not being promoted this year. When I found that out I responded to a recruiters message and interviewed at a competitor (other Big 4) for a division that's pretty identical to my current role.

Pros if I leave - >30% salary bump and they're offering me a senior associate position. Possibly better exit opportunities from Big 4 as a senior.

Cons- I heard from a former employee at my firm who made a similar move that the technology is wayyy less advanced and u work way longer hours there. Current firm is a lot bigger, more advanced, has bigger clients etc. Also, it would be a new firm, new team and all the issues that could come with that (the unknown).

The upside to it being smaller is the learning curve is steeper.

Overall, I do not plan on staying at a big 4 firm for more than 4 years so switching would be strictly for better exit opportunities as a senior and a better pay while I look for my next move (goal is Corp development or strategy and would also like to be in a good position if I decide to go for MBA in a year or two).

Would you stick it out at ur current firm for the additional year, get promoted then apply for jobs that u ACTUALLY want to do? Or go to the competitor for the higher pay, longer hours, senior associate title and leave after a year as a senior?

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Jul 12, 2019

It doesn't appear that you have another reason for leaving besides your expectation to be promoted after 2 years. Since you are thinking of leaving the Big 4 anyways in a few years, then the new job seems good. You'll have the higher title and pay that you can leverage for a better job. You'll just need suck it up with the longer hours.

Jul 12, 2019

i'd stay, getting a new network is a pain in the ass (not to mention the longer hours) and YOE is more important from what i've heard / seen in your first few years because companies know some big 4s promote after 2 years and some after 3

i think it's a close call though

Aug 13, 2019