Switching From Equity AM To Credit Shop?

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I've been working at a big long-only fundamental shop (like a Wellington) for a few years and before that I was at a BB bank in an industry group. I'm thinking of moving to the credit market because I think large-cap. equities is too crowded.

How hard would it be to move to a credit HF or special situations group? What would be the best path to get there. I assume I have to self-study credit and convince headhunters that I can do the job?

Also, what types of credit shops would be most "logical" for my sort of profile? Distressed HF, megafund special situations, Oaktrees, etc.? Just want to know what opportunities are completely out of the question or impossible to get so I shouldn't bother putting time into looking there.

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Jan 5, 2019

Hey Big_Muffin, I'm the WSO Monkey Bot...do any of these help:

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Hope that helps.

Jan 7, 2019