Switching from Operations to Finance

I'm looking for advice on how to jump from an operational side of banking to a more finance-related side of banking.

For some background, I had been working as an analyst for the 'strategy' side of my CB. This basically meant that we keep track of key indicators (think if we had to get X$ this month from our loan payments but instead we got Y$), do research and special projects to find what is going on and then suggest action plans to tackle problems. Thing is we can only make operational decisions i.e. I can tell employees what to do but I can't actually make any money change hands. Neither can my superiors.

I've done well during COVID and finally got a promotion to a key hierarchical position. Thing is that in this hierarchy I could basically double my income by just changing to a finance-related position. I also think that changing departments in the next 2 years would be way easier than jumping to the next hierarchy so I've made my decision. For the next 2 years I need to push as hard as I can to get into finance.

Right now I'm thinking of doing the FRM. I know of some VPs in the asset management side of our bank who are certified FRMs. In terms of numbers there are way more CFAs but I think that the FRM pairs better with my educational background (BSc in Mathematics). However this is my naive plan as an outsider. The areas I'm targetting are

  • Asset management
  • Equity research
  • Treasury
  • Risk

As they would all result in a significant pay bump. Hopefully I can get some advice from people in these areas regarding an efficient plan and my odds given my background.

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