Syndicate Execution (MO) Role to CLO Trading, Worth The Hop?

WSO fam -

I've been working in a middle office operational role for the past ~1.75 years at a Top Tier BB for the LevFin Capital Markets/Syndicate group. I specialize in loans and have been awarded with great transaction experience, connections within our market making/sales/syndicate groups, and product knowledge (specific to leveraged loans).

I was recently perusing through LinkedIn and saw a position for a Junior Loan Trader for a $10bn HF that had the "LinkedIn Easy Apply" button. Figuring that there's no harm in shooting out an application with about 3 clicks, I applied to the role. I got a call back about a month later and had a first round phone interview with one of the senior traders in the group. Turns out he was in my fraternity at my university and graduated a few years before I got there. I've had the advantage of being able to meet him at a tailgate and subsequently was asked to come back in the office for a 2nd round with the PM and a few other folks at the firm. The role specifically is a loan trader for their $4.25bn CLO business based out of the city I currently work in and want to stay in (Dallas, TX).

I've been lucky enough to have been afforded an opportunity in my current role in NYC to embark on a short-term assignment in NYC and start up a new team as a result of a fed audit gone south. This role would have a lot of exposure to senior partners in IBD at the firm but is still very operational in nature. My hope would be to parlay this into a front office LevFin or Classic banking role at the same firm, albeit nothing is guaranteed.

Need your advice.... should I jump at the CLO trading role if offered or stick it out at the Top Tier BB in LevFin MO and hope that an opportunity presents itself down the line? I'm a 25 year old senior analyst and have been looking to make a hop to the front office for the past 6 months. Any advice or input helps! Thanks again squad.


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Oct 26, 2019 - 8:28pm
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