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The best thread I could find on this topic was from 2010 and it seems much has changed since then including what "T2" entails. Title explains it pretty well. I've heard it's pretty common for MBB to exit to PE and even sometimes HF/VC outside of the regular F500 corp jobs. Is this possible for consultants from T2 shops? I know some T2's specialize in PE work so I would think that would help with exits but is it possible for T2's to get to the same places as MBB? What T2's have the best exits overall? Is B-School the only option for T2's to break into the buyside?

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Jun 15, 2020

interested to hear.

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Jun 15, 2020

Would be interested to hear from Europe perspective as well. Thanks!

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Jun 15, 2020

T2's exits are... unemployment

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Jun 15, 2020

Since T2 Consulting firms tend to specialize, the 'typical' exit opps tend to vary by the firm. For instance, consultants at EYP and LEK usually end up working on a ton of PE DD projects; you'll see many of them exit into PE (especially middle market) or GE roles. I've also met several who joined growth companies in strategy roles (e.g. Uber).

That's not to say that your T2's specialty determines what is available for you. i.e. It might be less common for someone at Kearney to go into VC/PE, but I've definitely seen it happen in my network (I don't believe they focus relatively as much in PE DD but could be wrong). You can also see for yourself on Linkedin.
I have limited data on Accenture and OW.
Source: Older Sibling in T2 -> Growth Equity

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Jun 15, 2020
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