How bad is it if you take a non-finance related job as a freshman or sophomore when you eventually want to work in banking for junior/full-time recruiting? The path here seems you have to go PWM -> boutique IB -> BB IB -> full time offer but how realistic is this for everyone?

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It might be more difficult, but it's how you spin your story. Not everyone came into college knowing that they wanted to do high level finance. I have met some people that didn't even have an internship and landed BB junior year, but these kids have near perfect GPAs, have done research for professors, and are legit at networking.


I am also a rising sophomore and I would suggest possibly finding a way to do a part time internship or shadowing in some kind of investment management while keeping up you other job. Networking would be the best way as it worked for me. This way I make some money and get some experience at the same time

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