Taking a summer medical research internship?

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Hi all, new here.
I need some advice regarding a 4-6 week long summer internship. I am a current freshman at a semi target school for investment banking and the like. I came into school on the pre med track, however the world of finance and I banking has recently caught my eye and I am now interesting in pursuing a career along those lines. I was recently informed I had been accepted to a prestigious and well knowns hospitals research internship that will occur this summer. This internship was given to me in part through a friends family member who works there. It is more geared towards upperclassmen, and is a very coveted internship for rising juniors and seniors in the pre med world. My parents, of course, are ecstatic about this opportunity as I am only a freshman. My dad says, that even if I chose not to continue in the medical field, this experience is still a great one to have on my resume and as a life learning experience. What are your thoughts on me doing this internship, despite it not being directly relevant to the finance world/ I banking? Is there ways this could benefit me/ can I frame this experience as relevant?
Appreciate any and all input!

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Jan 15, 2020

As someone who has graduated but is looking to make the same switch, I would definitely take the research position. You're a freshman hahah you have plenty of time. Make sure you keep grades up (3.6+) with those tough ass pre-med courses, if you are taking any this semester. Remember, many people don't even do an internship post frosh year, or many people will take low key jobs in their hometown. If I were you, I would just prep technicals, your story, maybe try to take some finance / accounting courses to display interest, and NETWORK. Idk what banks OCR at your school, but odds are there will be some bank with a strong HC team (MedTech, HCIT, Services) and those would be the first people I would reach out to after alumni of course. Grind now and snag a sophomore internship.

Jan 16, 2020