This summer I will be interning full-time at a search fund in Chicago. However, I have a second opportunity to consider. I was given an offer to work (unpaid) remotely for an M&A advisory firm starting immediately and with the opportunity to continue through the summer. I will finish my quarter on June 9th and start at the search fund June 12th. I will be working from 8-6 PM for the search fund and will not be expected to work weekends. I have been given permission to take on the second internship, assuming of course that it does not interfere with my position at the search fund. The M&A firm stated I would need to work a minimum of 10 hours a week but that they were very understanding of my position,and hours and assignments could be flexible if I gave them reasonable notice. I am considering taking on both simply because this will be my first summer in finance, and I am a junior undergraduate student. I guess what I am looking for in terms of advice is whether or it would be wise to take on the second internship. My goal is to intern at a search fund during the fall and winter quarters because I only have a few classes left, and my longterm goal is to break into PE full time. I have been told that because this boutique firm is a buy side firm solely, and that they work closely with a large number of smaller VC/PE firms, that this is worth it from a networking perspective alone. I am sorry for the vague description, my intent is to keep this brief in an attempt to remain anonymous.
1. Is it worth the stress and brutal summer to multitask in such a manner?
2. Would doing both prove my intended point for the purpose of showing ambition (again, I am trying to make up for my lack of previous experience).
3. Does an unconventional weekend internship at a boutique M&A advisory firm add the right value?

All advice is helpful, I have a relatively small network of finance professionals, and even smaller group of IB and PE friends and professionals to receive advice from. I would love any feedback from recruiters or people involved in the hiring process. Thanks in advance WSO

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If only that M&A gig was paid...

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