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Hey Guys, was looking to go back to grad school to sharpen my skills and expand my network. Currently looking to expand the family development business , and figured a MRED (the TAMU MLPD specifically) would bring fresh ideas into the business as well as strengthen my connections in Texas. Issue is, I'm a little worried that I might be betting everything on black, and if things go south I might more or less be up the creek. figured the best possible backup plan would be to try and break into PE, but I frear the MLPD might be limiting in that endeavor. Other option is SMU (or UT, really) but that would exclude me from the experience of the MLPD.

So I'm more or less at a crossroads. Would an MLPD limit my options too much?

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Jan 22, 2020

TAMU would be good all over Texas and beyond. It places well.

I am not familiar with the SMU program but overall, the school has strong ties to a lot of successful developers and would place in Dallas.

Jan 22, 2020

Consider TAMU MRE.

Really strong graduate network, will allow you to learn the financing side (could pay off with PE job). Required summer internship, but they will help place you in a field that you like. Cheaper costs wise than SMU.

Downside is that it's full time, whereas SMU could be night time classes. Plus College Station as mid-20s or older can get boring.

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Jan 25, 2020

How well does TAMU actually place though? I've looked pretty hard into their alumni student profiles and it seems like most of them end up in analyst positions which would have been attainable with a Bachelor's. Not sure if this is because of the program or because the vast majority of them have no FT experience and join the program right after their UG.

SMU/UT - I'm assuming MBA - will place very well in anywhere Texas.

Jan 27, 2020

You're right, most are placed as an analyst, mainly due to the lack of FT experience because most just jump from UG to the program. However, I've been out for 5 years and all my classmates appear to have climbed up the ranks a bit to senior associate/AVP/VP roles. A few of my buddies and I are experiencing a ceiling similar to those who have 5-7 years of XP in the CRE industry, where we are waiting for those above to climb up before we can be promoted.

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Jan 25, 2020