Targeted Master's for Top Quant Funds

Hi everyone, I'm currently researching graduate programs with the intent to land a role with a quantitative fund post-grad. My main targets are places like D.E. Shaw, AQR, Two Sigma, etc. My undergrad was in finance and accountancy from a non-target school. Additionally, I've had 3 years of experience in economic consulting during which I have passed all 3 levels of the CFA curriculum. My GRE verbal is 166 and quant is 169.

My main question is what MS programs should I be looking at to get into one of these firms? With my background in finance, does it make more sense to pursue an MS in computer science, statistics or mathematics? My end goal is to be in a place where I can develop hypotheses about possible opportunities in the markets, and then work on algorithms and models designed to take advantage of these opportunities.

Appreciate any and all feedback, and am thankful for your advice!

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Oct 11, 2018