Tear it apart and please give advice on how to describe

Hey guys so please have a look at my CV and please understand that in my longest experience I was working for a family firm.

I have a hard time describing what I was doing but I was involved with all day to day management of the firm(I come from the Middle East and seniority comes with blood) my starting job was director of finance and director of business development.There is noway im going to put that on my CV as It makes me look like a dumb ass in my opinion the Buisness is spread over 5 countries, I met with potential investors in different countries and planned a growth strategy.Even with my current job I still get involved in trying to source deals for the family. Im probably going to use the CV to apply to Bschool.

My goal is to have a career in banking after B school, my current job is similar to PE as the advisory firm im working at is looking to start acquiring hotels fixing them and selling them.

Please be honest and try to help I expect bashing but at least let it be constructive

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Jan 11, 2019