Tech Corporate Finance vs Goldman FP&A Role?

I currently have two offers in Corporate Finance. One is with a Fortune 150 top tech company as a Financial Analyst and the other is with Goldman FP&A?

My goal is to move up the corporate ladder and work for a top tier tech company such as Google, Facebook, or Microsoft or get into Real Estate. What job experience would provide me better opportunities to one day transition into either of the above?

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Mar 29, 2021 - 4:20pm

Depends if you want to go the Corporate Development path or the VP of Finance Path.

I would personally urge you to go to Goldman. And I say that having had a similar choice and went with an $10B company that was publicly listed in the Telecom Sector.

Goldman will give you high level perspective and keep you grounded in finance. If you go to the "Fortune 150 top tech company" you could get sucked into a different job description fast.

Mar 31, 2021 - 11:59am

Highly disagree with BreadCo above. Both of these roles are financial analyst/FP&A positions so if OP's goal is to work in Big Tech, then going to the Fortune 150 tech company will position him/her better for this. In addition, being in a BO finance role at a bank is kind of a shitty situation because the business teams (the FO folks) clearly know Finance better than you do and your opinion/advice is probably not seen as important. At a tech company, the business teams are Product/Engineering/Marketing ppl so they will be relying on Finance to provide guidance/direction on things. Keep in mind though that Finance at a tech company still isn't a glamorous role but as an entry-level position, it should be fine. It will give you a decent foundation and you should be able to transition over to other more interesting roles such as Product, Marketing or Partnerships if you desire. Source: worked in big tech Finance

Mar 31, 2021 - 6:39pm

Thanks your insight. My dilemma is that the position at the Tech company is going to be a better learning experience for me Finance wise and they are a solid company. But the Goldman position definitely has a much better name brand forsure even if the role is not as interesting. I'm thinking long term and was wondering whether having a company like Goldman on the resume may be very beneficial especially for MBA's, networking, and switching roles in the future?

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