Tefen Management Consulting Interview Process

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Hi guys,

I searched the site and found nothing on this topic. So any insight on this would be highly appreciated.

I have applied for a consultant position with their office from Romania but I also sent my portfolio to their headquarters HR email address.
I received a invitation for the recruiting process from their office from Italy. Are they considering my application for their office in Italy or this is the way the process is held?

My HR contact told me that the first step is a short version of gmat test, any tips on how to ace this type of test? And second, can you tell me what would be the next steps?

Thank you in advance,

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Feb 7, 2013

hey Alin,
did u take the test with TEFEN??

Jun 20, 2013


Sorry for getting back so late I had some problems and I postponed any other activity (including applying for jobs). But now I am back on track and hopefully I will be able to finish the process.
Concerning that test, yes I did took it and unfortunately failed to pass it. The test consisted in a short version of GMAT, 25 questions (80% of problem solving and 20% of reading comprehension) in 60 minutes. The questions are not so scary but you have to practice a lot in order to score well, I've learned that the hard way :).

Hope I answered both questions.
Best regards.

Jun 3, 2013