"Tell me about one of our portfolio companies"

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I have a few first round associate-level interviews with PEs coming up over the next couple of weeks, and I know at least one of these will involve a mini case study on one of their portfolio companies. What do you think the types of questions I should be prepping for are? I currently have...

  • General understanding of the business and revenue model
  • Understanding of the transaction (as much as I can find online)
  • Reasons why it was a good/bad investment
  • What were the risks?
  • What the PE has done with the business since purchase and reasoning behind these decisions
  • What would you do to prep for exit? (they've held the business for 6 years)

What other questions would you be prepping for?

Thanks in advance!

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Mar 7, 2019

Maybe to add on to your bullet point about risks, "what were the mitigants to said risks"? (what were some things the PE could point to that gave them comfort with the risk they were taking)

Mar 7, 2019
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