Temporary Job due to Medical Delay into the US Army

Analyst 1 in VC

I am going into the US Army, active duty, as an officer. My IBOLC start date was originally mid-November but my date got pushed back mid-to-late February due to an injury. I am looking into getting a temporary project-based job in finance, preferably IB / PE, until I start.

For some background, I graduated from a target university this past year. I have internships in a FO PE, LMM IB, and currently work at a VC firm as an analyst. My end date for my analyst stint is a hard cutoff since I helped to hire someone to replace me, not knowing I would be getting my date pushed back.

Do you know of any firms, in Chicago, that would be open to taking someone, on a project-basis, in my position?

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Oct 28, 2019