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Curious if anyone here has left the Tenant Rep side of the business and if so where have you ended up? Spent 10 years in Finance before moving to CRE - specifically Tenant Rep work. Making decent money and doing well but concerned about the long term viability of the business - consolidation, 100% commission pay, and shorter lease terms (lower commissions). Seems like the top talent at JLL/Cushman/Studley/CBRE do well but the risk/reward for everyone else is skewed. Has anyone left the Tenant Rep side and if so what options did you have?

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Jan 1, 2019

You can leave tenant rep. I was able to go from tenant rep to a large institution doing asset management / acquisitions.

There are a few people on this forum who did as well. You will just need to pound the pavement with your contacts. You may find you need a way to 'reinvent' yourself or sell yourself such as a Master's program to help open doors. Still, contacts will rule the roost here and you can get out if you want to. Although people on this site ascribe to the view of pigeon holing, I personally have always believed it to be BS. Yes, it might be harder to get out, but it doesn't mean it can't be done. You just need to figure out how to go through the brick wall on the side of the house as the front door and back door are locked. Coincidentally, brokerage, especially tenant rep, make you very good at that as the whole job is opening up doors to get a meeting and win business. In this new case it'll be opening doors to get meetings to eventually turn to interviews and a job offer.

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Jan 1, 2019

Thanks - appreciate your input. Just curious - what prompted you to make a move?

Jan 9, 2019
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