Terminator - In Real Life

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US law enforcement are now using drone technology domestically. 60 minutes did a piece on drones about a year ago where some guy has a 9-5 job flying attack drones in Afghanistan remotely from Nevada. The helicopters are pretty cool, although it seems like there are going to be some privacy issues (very big brother).

This is very Terminator esque. We are going to turn around in five years and see the sky covered in heli drones. Anyone know who makes these things?


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Apr 20, 2012

Where do I sign up?

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Apr 20, 2012

AeroVironment is as close to a public pure play drone company as they come. Though, about 25% of their business is in energy efficiency products.

Apr 20, 2012


Apr 20, 2012

Can wait til some crazy farmer shoots one of these down over his land with a 12 gauge for trespassing.

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Apr 20, 2012

^what he said

Apr 20, 2012

landlords in NYC have been using drones for years to make sure their tenants aren't subleasing


Apr 20, 2012

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