Thank You WSO! Accepted internship at Regional Boutique

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I discovered WSO about 4 months ago when I began to search for a summer internship. I knew I had missed the recruiting season for traditional investment banks/m&a internships, but I was determined to find an internship in finance that would challenge me and let me learn as much as possible.

I found WSO after getting multiple interviews in corp dev, corp finc, and sales. The forums on here helped me prepare for these interviews and really helped build my confidence. I spent more and more time on WSO enjoying the informative and entertaining content offered by this great community.

I just want to say thank you to the whole WSO community for all the incredible content, it really helped me prep for all of my interviews and land the internship at a fantastic small firm that I think is the perfect fit. I couldn't be more excited. I will definitely be coming back here for more.

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Apr 10, 2018

Congrats on the internship! A lot of us have had to go through that. Respect the hustle. It's always nice to see people grinding.

Did you have to network at all with people at the firm or was it just the online application through your school's career website?

Apr 12, 2018

Thank you! And through the career website.

Apr 13, 2018

Well done. Congratulations and SB'd!

Edit: Great username btw.

Apr 13, 2018

The username is fuckin' size. SB'd.

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Apr 14, 2018

The sweet, sweet irony of having to edit your post to comment on ctrl-z

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Apr 12, 2018

Thanks guys haha I hoped this community would like it

Apr 13, 2018


Apr 14, 2018

awesome job

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Apr 14, 2018
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