The Best Finance/Corporate Strategy Movies and TV Shows

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I work on the engineering side at a proprietary trading firm. I have a computer science background, and have been learning about specific markets on-the-job for the last few years. To get "in the mode" while coding, I often put financial-themed movies on in the background (Does anyone else do this?). So much so, that it seemed fitting to aggregate every financial-themed movie/TV show onto one database. So far, I am up to 500 TV shows and movies from 1920 until today. It has been quite the journey, as I only had previously seen about 100 of the more popular ones prior to this research. Here is the site:
I categorized each movie/show by profession (like investment banking or private equity) as well as other themes like "billionaire" or "scandal". Right now, there is an asynchronous autocomplete suggestion list when you type into the search at the top (you can also search by year or type "80s").
Would love to hear some maybe older or less mainstream movies, shows or documentaries that might have been missed. I am sure at this point that there are hundreds.
Here is a list of 5 movies that I found were highly under rated and not in many of other lists that focus on this topic, for example.
Also, very interested in adding a "takeways" or "misconceptions" portion to each film's page eventually that tackles some of the important areas that are important for people entering the feild to know regarding accuracy.

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Aug 20, 2019