The Never Ending Debate with Nuclear Reactors for the Environment

The United Nations, Committee for Nuclear Responsibility, Nuclear Information and Network Services and other non-profit organizations such as Carlton Church International Movement, Women Strike for Peace, and other further opposing bodies have halted many mining projects and issued complaints for hundreds of commitments to build nuclear plants year after year.

The United Nations Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons is an important mechanism for halting production of nuclear weapons and their resulting impact to the environment. This treaty can constraint any development of nuclear weapons and can act as means to prevent further radioactive contamination to man natural habitat and water source.

However, the debate seems not diminish. Some other use of nuclear elements still continues to circulate around the globe. Continual and protracted level through the creation of nuclear waste has threatened nuclear destruction on an immediate level. The clean-up and environmental restoration is regarded as the most costly and difficult projects ever undertaken. Millions of dollars-worth of technological equipment are being produced in Tokyo, Japan and Germany in order to retrieve radioactive materials which have been released into the environment either through accident or by design. The dumping of nuclear waste into bodies of water and the burial of radioactive materials are particularly a hazardous practice. Yet, these practices are the only ways to get rid of nuclear waste.

In many parts of the world, major water systems have been contaminated. When the Columbia River was reviewed and put under examination, it was found out that it was contaminated. Many people underwent health consultation to make sure they do not experience any complications. Millions of dollars were spent.

In Russia, same distressing news was also released. Open reservoirs and lakes have been used to hold large quantities of radioactive materials. According to reports, the highest reading at the Chelybinsk nuclear weapon site near a discharge pipe, was approximately 6 grays per hour, enough radioactivity to give an adult human being a lethal dose in less than one hour.

The environmental damage resulting from nuclear technology is not limited to nuclear weapon states. All nuclear weapons and nuclear energy producing nations have caused some level of environmental contamination. If not hindered or stopped, there is a great risk revolving around all of us. As bodies of water flow from rivers to oceans across the globe, we are in no assurance that we are safe in our own place.

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