The POTUS Floated the Idea of Delaying the Presidential Election

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His rationale for delaying the election is based on the high probability of voter fraud. Can the democrats, republicans, independents, and libertarians of WSO agree that the suggestion is not a good idea...

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Jul 30, 2020

Luckily, even congressional Republicans came out against this. In the same tweet, Trump said that absentee voting is great but mail in voting leads to widespread fraud. Not only does mail in voting not lead to fraud, whatsoever, but they're the same damn thing. Additionally, the President has no legal ability at all to change the date of the election. The whole thing is embarrassing.

Meanwhile, Trump's polling keeps getting worse. He knows this, so he is trying to preemptively float the idea that his loss this fall will somehow be illegitimate. That is why he claims mail in voting will lead to fraud even though he, his entire family, and most of the upper echelon of his staff all vote via mail. That is why 10 minutes ago he tweeted "we must know the election results on the night of the election, not days, months, or even years later" because there's a good chance that with the amount of mail in voting, we may not know who won on election night. You can bet your ass that he's going to either claim victory or claim that it was stolen on election night. Quote me.

Donald Trump is an imbecile pantomiming as an autocrat because he thinks it makes him look big (it doesn't) and to distract from things that either don't involve him that he's jealous of, like 3 other Presidents speaking at John Lewis' funeral, or things that are bad news to him, like the GDP dropping by 33%.

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Jul 30, 2020

Meanwhile, Trump's polling keeps getting worse.

For reference, if you want to know why he's tweeting crazy shit:

  • Wisconsin: Biden +5
  • Florida: Biden +6.7
  • Pennsylvania: Biden +6
  • North Carolina: Biden +3.4
  • Michigan: Biden +8 (!)
  • Arizona: Biden +3.2
  • Minnesota: Biden +11.4
  • Ohio: Biden +1.5
  • Nevada: Biden +4
  • Virginia: Biden +11.5
  • New Mexico: Biden +11
  • Georgia: Trump +2.3
  • Iowa: Trump +1.5
  • Texas: Trump +0.2 (!)
Jul 30, 2020

Of course he did - I'm not even shocked at this point. I might actually be disappointed if he didn't. Edit: to be clear, moving the election is not happening. Nor am I in favor of it. Nor do I think he is actually in favor of it. He's just priming the narrative for himself that it was stolen, look at the fraud, i'm the greatest, etc.

On it's face, I actually like the idea of less reliance on physical polls - and more reliance on other forms be it mail in, digital, etc. Never have figured out how with all the fucking money we throw around we can't get someone to actually figure out voting. I'm more and more saddened by the lack of voters in this country... although I can't blame them. I don't want to vote for either person, but, thus is life.

I think what I find funny is that both sides call each other idiots - yet they also think each other are capable of then turning around and coordinating a large, nationwide effort to defraud an election in favor of their own party. Do they not know that they can just move district lines - and skip the whole water gate shit?

Good hell. Now I'm all fired up.

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Jul 30, 2020

Neither authoritarianism nor incompetence are REPE

...but is it REPE?

Jul 30, 2020