The UCL Finance Conference 2012 - Internship Scheme

Hey guys,

London, China, India, Singapore and Africa are just some of the places where the UCL Finance Conference 2012 could take you; thanks to the conference's innovative and prestigious internship scheme, and international reach.

Every applicant for the conference will be considered for an internship with one of our nine partner firms including asset managers, venture capital firms and boutique investment banks

About UCL Finance Conference

The UCL Finance Conference is one of the largest finance conferences in the United Kingdom, and the next conference aims to be one of the largest in Europe.

The inaugural conference in 2010 was a huge success with over 500 applications, from students studying at the top universities/business schools across Europe, for 200 places. In 2011, we surpassed that total, by obtaining over 700 applications for the same amount of places. In 2012, we aim to build on past successes, by marketing the conference to wider Europe; by continuing to attract the highest-calibre speakers and by expanding our internship scheme internationally.

The past successes of UCL Finance conference has occurred due to a combination of having high calibre finance executives such as Jim O'Neill (Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management), Cyrus Ardalan (Vice Chairman of Barclays Capital) and Alberto Marolda (CEO and Founder of Tarchon Capital Management) speak at our conference; by creating an environment encouraging interactive sessions and networking, and by having detailed buy-side and sell-side sessions in our programme.

UCL Finance Conference 2012

The 2012 conference will be held on Friday, 3rd February 2012 at the BMA House, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9JP, between 8am-6pm (GMT).

With the current debt problems of Europe and the unemployment and fiscal issues that the United States is trying to grapple with; a lot of focus has shifted towards "Emerging/Growth Markets" as the next pillars to rely on for global economic growth.

The theme for our 2012 conference will focus on the importance of "Emerging/Growth Markets," and the future of developed markets. As a result; this year, we are expanding our internship scheme beyond London and are approaching firms in those "Growth Markets."

Confirmed speakers for the up-coming conference include: John-Paul Smith - Global Head of Emerging Market Equity Strategy, Deutsche Bank; Linos Lekkas - Head of Central Europe Banking, Citigroup and Chris Stoakes – Director of Knowledge, Research and Learning, Hogan Lovells and author of the best-selling guide: "All You Need to Know About the City."

About the UCL Finance Conference Internship Scheme

We are the only finance conference in Europe to initiate this unique internship scheme that has attracted the brightest students and independent financial firms across Europe, Asia and Africa.

The internship scheme aims to provide an avenue for our partnering firms to identify top quality delegates from well-known universities/business schools across Europe.

For the 2011 conference, Trafalgar Asset Managers, Tarchon Capital Management, Serone Capital Management and MarketInvoice offered the chance for the delegates of the conference to gain summer 2011 internships with them.

We are pleased to announce that for the 2012 conference, we have four firms in London, one firm in China, one firm in India, one firm in Singapore and two firms in Africa all confirmed to provide internship opportunities (short and long placements) to delegates of the conference; with more firms still to be confirmed, in countries not yet mentioned!

Five Reasons Why You Should Attend the UCL Finance Conference 2012:

• To hear and question the opinions of leaders in the finance industry.
• To obtain a rare and extremely valuable summer or off-cycle internship with one of our partner firms.
• To strengthen your interest though our specific Markets or Business 'Breakout Sessions.'
• To network with leaders of the finance industry, partnering firms and like-minded students, who we believe will make up the future of finance.
• To also enjoy a nice weekend in London. (We are currently in the process of negotiating saver deals with local hotels for delegates who do not live close to London - join our media for updates).

Applications for the UCL Finance Conference 2012 will be open throughout November. As we are anticipating an extremely high volume of applications for a limited number of places, we will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis. So we encourage you to apply as soon as possible!


As Vice President of the conference I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, feel free to post them here.

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