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I just read an article and the article brought up "Theory of Mind." I had to look up what that phrase meant and I thought that it was interesting. I found that Theory of Mind, according to this article is

the ability to infer what others are thinking, feeling, believing, and desiring, and what their intentions and motivations are. Using ToM, we can make sense of what people say and do and predict what they will do next. In essence, we can stand inside someone else's shoes. Using ToM gives us an understanding of others that allows us to guide our behavior and interactions with them.

This intrigued my curiosity and I read more articles about ToM. From an article I read, I forgot the exact title, but it said that reading could increase Theory of Mind, emotional intelligence, and EQ. There is even a quiz that rates your emotional intelligence/ToM.
Do you guys think of ToM? What are your thoughts on reading to raise emotional intelligence? Any other tips for raising Theory of Mind? How has ToM helped you in the in finance or in the workplace?

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Jun 1, 2017

This sounds a whole lot like empathy. Which sounds a whole lot like EQ. Which sounds a whole lot like a marketing term that is already covered by psychological metrics in great detail. While ToM sounds interesting, you might find this former Harvard researcher (psych Ph.D) more interesting, especially the last three minutes:

Jun 1, 2017