Things I wish I had back when I was in banking

  1. Detailed PE recruiting guide


  1. Protected weekends

6. "Work life balance"

All we had was macabacus and too much seamless.

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What about a soul?

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Sex life would be good too.

'I'm jacked... JACKED TO THE TITS!!'


wow we must have it so easy.


The current culture of making things better for the analysts certainly did not exist.


Boohoo - no protected weekends. Life's not treating you fair.

But yeah can't imagine banking pre-BamSEC and pre-LogoIntern. Hadn't seen MappingIntern before but will check that out.

There have always been decent recruiting guides. WSO has been around for a while...


Are you still an intern? If so, then yes, you have it easy. You get to go back to school.


Well, it could have been of the partners at my last IB job, who originally started as an analyst in the early 80s, used to have to model and spread comps on paper.

Man, did I spend a lot of time arranging logos back in the day.


Comps by hand, woof.

Yeah, brutal...I used to tell myself that the financials were way simpler back then, but can you imagine something not balancing and having to more or less start from scratch?


Probably were simpler - doesnt seem doable otherwise


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