Third Year Internationally vs Associate Promotion


I'm currently a first year BB analyst in NYC, sat out PE recruiting this year because I knew I wanted to either 1) do a third year analyst program internationally or 2) try to get the associate promotion after two years and then leave. Have a few questions about these two options:

  • For third year international program, does anyone have experience negotiating this? My fear is that the MDs in my group don't have much incentive to try to get me a spot in an international office. Wondering if I should be vocal about wanting to go internationally now, or wait until I'm offered third year analyst/associate promotion and try to leverage it?

  • Thoughts on different international offices? Thinking London/HK/Singapore/Frankfurt, but interested in hearing general pros/cons (compensation, how interesting the work is relatively, etc) of different options. Obviously varies by bank, but general thoughts on different locations are appreciated

  • Is it true that you basically give up the option for early associate promotion if you try to do a third year international rotation?

  • General thoughts on how going abroad would be viewed vs staying and trying to get early associate promotion

Thanks in advance!

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