Though experiment- how much would you pay to find out when you'll die?

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Imagine there's an algorithm and/or mechanism that could accurately predict when you'll expire. Clearly, there would be massive ramifications for the insurance/reinsurance industry, as well as the wealth managers, credit lenders, government entitlements, etc etc etc. The effect would be huge. It's interesting that we know the time/place of every appointment in life, except the one with death.

So there's a few basic assumptions:
-- The prediction would tell you the exact date, with 100% accuracy.
-- It is the day you "would've died anyways". Car accident in a week? It would tell you.
-- This information would ONLY be known by you, and cannot/will not be shared.
-- Nothing you can do will change/prolong your life. (i.e. you cannot change your actions, it's destiny).
I know this seems all a bit farfetched, but humor me here.

How much would you pay to find out?
How much would you pay to NOT find out?

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Sep 26, 2017

I wouldn't pay at all. I think dreams are only achieved knowing that you could die any day. That's what I think when I try to accomplish something. Looking for a specific end date would cause me to be complacent or make really poor selfish reasons.

Sep 27, 2017
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