Thoughts on Kenan-Flagler MBA?

Currently going through the application process, and I'm looking at breaking into real estate private equity. From your experience, do you meet a lot of UNC grads in the REPE field?

Also, where would UNC fit versus the top real estate schools?

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Feb 20, 2021 - 3:36pm

Very good. Lots of representation at BB REIB, top REPEs etc. Lots of on campus resources and alumni are very helpful both at undergrad and MBA level. For MBA it probably goes Wharton > Columbia > Cornell/UNC if strictly talking about RE program emphasis.

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Feb 20, 2021 - 8:10pm

Sloan - Sloan offers six real estate specific courses, which are cross-listed with the MIT Center for Real Estate (CRE), a globally recognized research center offering a one-year Master of Science in Real Estate Development (MSRED) program. In addition to the six cross-listed courses, Sloan students can cross-register for up to three of CRE's eight MSRED core and elective courses.


Kellogg - At Kellogg, the real estate courses are offered as a "pathway" or concentration within the Finance major. The real estate program is supported through the Guthrie Center for Real Estate, which hosts industry conferences and the Kellogg Real Estate Venture Competition, supports the academic program, connects students with alumni, and supports students' initiatives. The Guthrie Center is run by the Kellogg Real Estate Advisory Council, which includes top executives, CEOs, and principles at firms like Blackstone, Walton Street, Shorenstein, AJ Capital Partners, Harrison Street, and JP Morgan Asset Management just to name a few.

In addition to the typical course offerings, Kellogg also offers a type of class called a "Real Estate Lab", which is essentially a part-time internship that students participate in 1-2 days/week during the term in order to gain experience with top real estate firms in the Chicago area and beyond. Finally, there are many other resources available to students including the Kellogg Real Estate Club, Alumni Networking, Career Management Center, and Real Estate Treks to different cities, and Case Competitions to name a few.


Haas - One of the most unique and valuable aspects of real estate at Haas is the Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Real Estate – through the IGCRE students enroll in courses at other Berkeley schools (Law and the College of Environment Design) and receive a cross-functional education. The IGCRE allows MBA students to interact and work together with Master of City Planning students, Law Students, and students from other disciplines. Often times you are tasked with team assignments with a diverse mix of functional expertise, providing students with a glimpse into the types of professionals one may work with throughout one's career.

The mission of the Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics is to educate students and real estate professionals and to support and conduct research on real estate, urban economics, the California economy, land use, and public policy. Students and alumni from the Haas School of Business, the College of Environmental Design, the Goldman School of Public Policy, and other schools and programs across the UC Berkeley campus are able to take advantage of the resources available through the center. FCREUE provides academic resources, serves as a liaison to industry leaders, and is a resource throughout their professional careers.



The Symposium features a distinguished group of experts in real estate, finance, government and academia, who evaluate and discuss real estate and financial markets. Many of the best business minds and most important decision-makers in the country examine how the political and economic environment will impact real estate and business today, and share their expert views on what lies ahead, providing the information and the perspective needed to have the competitive edge to prosper in our changing times.



This program is a highly visible public conference, similar to the prestigious annual Symposium, but with a slightly different format that is topic driven and addresses issues closer to the "transaction." Topics examine the changing face of the real estate business and the current trends and critical issues of concern to real estate professionals.




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