Thoughts on Northeastern?

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I understand that there have been posts in the past regarding Northeastern's reputation when it comes to breaking into Investment Banking, but most of them were made years ago and so I wish to get a more recent opinion on this.

From the past posts, I've read that NEU is at a disadvantage mainly because not a lot of alumni work in IB, so it's difficult for prospective students to work in that field. Despite this, I was thinking that NEU's Co-op program would balance this problem as it offers students an opportunity to work in these firms/banks and I've read that most students end up working/receiving an offer in the place they've interned for. Thoughts on this?

Also, has the number of positions for IB co-ops (such as MS/GS or others) increased or are they still extremely limited? (someone said 1-2 positions each) Has NEU increased its street presence/recruiting in NYC or is it still tough to get hired?

Thanks in advance!

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May 4, 2018