Tips for exuding confidence in interviews

I've been in the interview process for 4 months, and was lucky enough to get some feedback from shops that passed on me. The common feedback is my resume is strong, but at times I seem to lack confidence with my tone of voice and my smiles (I smile a lot even when I'm not nervous).

Overall, I am not a very confident person and tend to have anxiety when I have interviews. I am working on my anxiety through therapy, practicing speech with toastmasters, and preparing for interviews with detailed answers written out. 

That said, I'm curious what does a confident candidate sound like when you talk to them? 

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May 4, 2021 - 8:28pm

They key is to feel like you are above the firm that you're interviewing with, but not in a douche-baggy way. Ever notice how your interviews for jobs you don't give a shit about tend to go the best? It's because you know for a fact that you are qualified. Just pump up your ego a bit. Pretend that Goldman Sachs is your local McDonalds. Sincerely convince yourself that you belong where ever you are applying. It's the same deal with women. Talking to a 10 is a lot harder than talking to a 6. Focus on the 10's fucked up nose or asymmetrical eyebrows and convince yourself it's a 6.

That said, I'm curious what does a confident candidate sound like when you talk to them? 

A confident candidate probably makes me feel like they are interviewing me as much as I am interviewing them, but not in a rude way. Have full confidence in your thoughts and talk as if you already think you've gotten the job.

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