Tips On How To Defuse the "This Group Needs a Leader; I Should Be the Leader" Person (Case study group interview)

Just graduated with a group case study interview lined up.

My problem: I am going to be evaluated for an interview with a group of strangers on a case study for a company that promotes internal competition. The 5 candidates ill work with will no-doubt try to assert their leadership for the evaluator - have multiple of those people and it can hinder group progress.

  • What are some tips on being assertive and defusing problems caused by the "I should lead" people?
  • What is some advice on getting noticed, when you don't care about getting noticed, or if your case is not within a field you are familiar with?

Don't get me wrong, if a group is driving a car of a bridge i'd smack all of them and take the drivers seat, but if I am less familiar with the route I'll let them drive. I am competitive, driven, and like to win, but I am very low-key and not a dick about it.

Thank you!