Tips On How To Defuse the "This Group Needs a Leader; I Should Be the Leader" Person (Case study group interview)

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Just graduated with a group case study interview lined up.

My problem: I am going to be evaluated for an interview with a group of strangers on a case study for a company that promotes internal competition. The 5 candidates ill work with will no-doubt try to assert their leadership for the evaluator - have multiple of those people and it can hinder group progress.

  • What are some tips on being assertive and defusing problems caused by the "I should lead" people?
  • What is some advice on getting noticed, when you don't care about getting noticed, or if your case is not within a field you are familiar with?

Don't get me wrong, if a group is driving a car of a bridge i'd smack all of them and take the drivers seat, but if I am less familiar with the route I'll let them drive. I am competitive, driven, and like to win, but I am very low-key and not a dick about it.

Thank you!

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May 15, 2017

speak slowly, clearly, and like a kindergarten teacher. makes you look way more in control than the dude with a loud voice and wide eyes saying 'ok ok we gotta do this'. always give credit to other people, never take it for yourself. if you come up with an idea, make the group think they came up with it. never be argumentative. start every disagreement with a compliment 'that's a great point... i think we should also consider the fact that...'. if someone isn't involved, draw them in 'well anthony, i'm sure you have something to add, I can tell you've really been thinking this one over'.

you gotta talk in these things, but it's almost like it's an anti-competition... if someone starts rambling right off the bat.... if you like they're idea say 'i think that's a good idea, guys, let's take this approach.' he was the one to try and lead but by validating his suggestion, you became the one that granted it power. the power came from you and you're in control. if you don't like their idea say 'well... does anyone else have another suggestion, how about you, Jason?'

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May 15, 2017

also when you're taking power away from the one really aggressive person that is trying to be the leader, always throw them a little bone.. 'that's a seriously good idea, before we go forward with that, does anyone else have anything to add?'

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May 15, 2017

LOL. Great thoughtful answers.

It seems like you've thought about this before...?

Oct 19, 2017