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Hi guys,

I'm considering career switch into consulting. Currently I'm an associate auditor in BIG 4 Financial Services team in Europe but I'm bored with this job. I graduated from target finance programme and finished additional postgraduate studies in statistics. I was always very interested in investments by I'm not seeing much jobs in this sector in my local market. I'm a very entrepreneurial spirit and have natural propensity to spot inefficiencies and give solutions to them. That's my background.

I was considering staying in audit position for 3 years, finish CPA, maybe CFA and start PhD in management this year. I'm not sure am I competitive enough at this moment to apply to MBB firms. What would you guys advise me - stay 2 more years in audit, finish CPA and then probably make switch into consulting or would you strengthen your position (how) and apply to MBB firms in some near future?

I'd appreciate some insights. Thanks.

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Mar 5, 2012

Move from Audit to Advisory at Big 4 or similar tier consulting firm -> M-7 MBA -> MBB


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Mar 5, 2012